Polar Lights 1/350 Scale Enterprise NCC-1701

Hangar bay almost complete. Will next add several 1/350 scale crew members and then install the ceiling.

Here is the bridge, almost finished (sorry for the dark picture). A few decals need to be put into place as well as 1/350 scale crew members.

Warp nacelle inner halves.

Completed hangar.

Completed bridge.

Wiring the lower saucer half.

Assembled saucer halves.

Testing wiring for one of the nacelles.

Installing inner Bussard collectors.

Testing lighting for the secondary hull and warp nacelles.

Getting close to assembly of the main sections....Ready to sand joints in the secondary hull and touch up paint before attaching the sacuer.

Main sections assembled... In the pictures, color is off on the bussard collectors, and you also can't tell there's a "spinning" effect.

Nearing the finish line... Just a few more decals and some touchup paint in a few spots, and she'll be ready to launch!