Polar Lights 1/350 Scale Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit
This version of the famous starship is the refit first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The model is lighted with a lighting kit built by Trekmodeler.

I am also using photo etch details made by Paragrafix.

Working on landscaping in the arboretum.

Here is the dorsal neck, assembled (though not fully painted), and the upper secondary hull ceiling piece. Lights have been installed and wired between the dorsal neck and the hull piece. You can also see the wire connections that will extend through the pylons to the warp nacelles.

Here are two photos of the completed botanical gardens. The clear ceiling will allow lighting of the arboretrum. The second photo is a side view of what will be showing through the window. You can see the miniature 1/350 scale crew members.

Here is the bottom of the secondary hull, painted and with the main electronics connector installed.

Here is the shuttle bay as seen from the hangar entry.

The model base. Suport rod has not been installed but the base is wired and the two switches are installed. One is the On/Off switch and the other is a toggle to go between "Impulse" and "Warp" mode.

Here is the upper secondary hull with pylons attached and the dorsal neck wired but not yet attached. Still some painting to do (and touchup). Pylons are masked.

Finished officers' lounge prior to assembly into the upper saucer.

Here are the saucer halves before assembly.

Here is the secondary hull assembled, situated on support rod to test the lighting.

Beginning to apply Aztec decals to saucer.

Warp engines attached to secondary hull. Testing lights.

Saucer attached! I have the ship leaning against the wall in an upright position to let the bond dry overnight.

A little bit closer... Needs saucer marking decals...and the final piece, the deflector dish.