Polar Lights 1/350 Scale Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit
This version of the famous starship is the refit first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The model is lighted with a lighting kit built by Trekmodeler.

I am also using photo etch details made by Paragrafix.

This is where it all starts - working on the shuttle bay. Floor and ceiling are painted. Next step is adding photo etch details to the walls (prior to painting them).

Shuttle bay painted and decals applied. Running lights installed.

Observation lounge painted and landscaped.

Well...oops! I actually painted the shuttle bay floor the wrong color, so I've repainted it. Also, I made some modifications to the sequential running lights, making them flush with the floor and masking the outer edges of them so that they appear a little smaller.

Arboretum is assembled and ready. I'll be putting tiny crew members in here, as well as in the shuttle bay and officers lounge.

Shuttles ready to go in. I won't be placing any in the hanger, per customer's request.

Secondary hull bottom - beginning to wire for lighting.

Secondary hull bottom - inserting the arboretum.

Secondary hull bottom - the shuttle bay in place.

Secondary hull progress - assembled, gaps filled with putty... Now sanding and smoothing out the surface to prepare for priming and then aztec painting.

First coat of primer on one side of the secondary hull.

On this build, instead of using Aztec decals, I'm going to paint the Aztec pattern with the help of painting masks. Here I've sprayed on the darker color (of two) and have started applying masks to one side of the secondary hull.

Aztec pattern has been painted on and strongback decals applied. Just a bit more paint touchup, the addition of the shuttle bay door frame/stern piece, and the secondary hull will be completed.