Polar Lights 1/350 Scale Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit
This version of the famous starship is the one seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The model was lighted with a lighting kit built by Trekmodeler.

I also used photo etch details made by Paragrafix.

Here is the upper secondary hull with pylons attached and the dorsal neck wired but not yet attached. Still some painting to do (and touchup), but soon the secondary hull top will be ready to be fased to the hull bottom (to which the shuttle bay is attached).

A lot has been done since the last posted photo - the secondary hull is complete (except for marking decals to be applied later) and the main body of the saucer is assembled. At this point, the saucer is fully painted and now Aztec decals will be applied before the bridge dome is attached. Note that the front of the secondary saucer- the deflector housing and dish - are not attached yet, as I must have access to the wiring inside until the ship is assembled.

Aztecs have been applied to the saucer and the bridge and sensor dome (on the underside) are in place. All that remains are marking decals and some detail painting that will be done when the ship is assembled.

Warp engines have been wired and assembled. Next will come detailing on the nacelles, some painting, and finally the Aztec patterns.

Warp engines attached to the secondary hull. Testing lights.

Saucer attached! I have the ship leaning against the wall in an upright position to let the bond dry overnight.

A little bit closer... Needs saucer marking decals...and the final piece, the deflector dish.