Star Wars 1/2256 Scale MC-80 Mon Calamari Cruiser
From "Return of the Jedi." This is a resin model that will be lighted with my own LED setup for the windows and a "Big Ass Engine Lighting Kit" from Madman Lighting.

Check back later to see more pictures as they are added below.

Testing engine lights. The lights "pulse" (not all synchronized) to simulate engine glow.

Assembling lights inside the main hull.

Fully assembled hull.

View of engines... The kit came with opaque engine inserts, so I will be creating duplicates of them with clear resin.

Gaps filled with putty...ready to sand.

Ready to paint! I've also added the support rod to the base that the customer had commissioned.

Here are the engines. Lights on in one photo and lights on in the others. Also, the last photo in this group is of the miniature Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport.

Working on painting the hull.

Completed! The miniature Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport are attached to an acrylic rod underneath the Cruiser. The cool base was constructed by Laserfire Creations.