AMT 1/537 Klingon K'Tinga Battle Cruiser
This is the Klingon Battle Cruiser as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

First steps - after unpacking hull pieces, I've started painting the inside of the hull to block light leakage. Next steps will be drilling tiny windows into the hull with a pin vice. In place of the kit bridge, which is not movie-accurate, I am using a resin replacement bridge piece made by JT Graphics.

Much of the lighting done. There are four red LEDs for the impulse engines, two large white LEDs for windows inside the main body, a white and orange LED for the forward "bulb" and bridge, and two smaller green LEDs for the warp nacelles. I have used some really cool, photo-etched honeycomb grilles over the impulse engines on the rear. They're not too visible in this photo but I will take better photos when the ship is assembled. The next stage will involve working on the lighting for the photon torpedo effect, which involves two sets of fiber optic strands and two more LEDs, a red one and green one.

All of the lighting now done. The last photo in the group below is grainy but shows the more accurate bridge, a resin replacement piece made by JT Graphics.

The ship is assembled. Painting has started. There are two main tones of green for the body - this is the first - RAF Interior Green.

Almost done! Just some detail painting to do.